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The unit USD/hours is a measurement of idling away, which cannot be seen here.

MS Excel project developement

Ordering process

  1. What is the goal of your project? Describe the problem to be solved in written form!
  2. What are the data to start computing from? (input)
  3. Have you got a plan already to work the project out? If you have a conception I need to follow, write it in your e-mail!
  4. What should be the table look like? If you have a special request for me, draw a draft in MS Paint! How many rows, columns should the table have? What do I need to count from the input data?
  5. What do I need to show on diagrams? What data in what function?
  6. Consult through e-mail or rather on Facebook chat if I get stuck.
  7. I send the finished project via e-mail. Pay using Paypal! You can order my finished projects using Paypal.


  • Data entry, typing: $0,02/data ($2/100 data)
  • Inserting new columns with a new operation: $1,6/column
  • Inserting diagram and setting it up for 1 column (1 data series): $10/diagram
  • Inserting diagram and setting it up for 2 columns (2 data series): $25/diagram
  • Searching important and edge values (average, min, max, amount): $3/value
  • Setting up data analysis, filter (using Vlookup, etc. functions): $3
  • Conditional formatting, coloring the columns: $3/column
  • Engineering work award by mutual agreement: ($20/hours)
  • Billing postage: $3

My computer software does not support macros and other special plugins (like Solver)!

Value the energy can be produced by your chosen PV module or collector system using the

PVM - Solar Collector Calculator!

Enter the surface, tilting angle, orientation, efficiency of your solar energy utilizer and give the geographic latitude of the district where your building is found!

The calculator computes annual energy production, illustrates the maximum performance can be harnessed day by day and visualizes the hour to hour ambient light showing sunrise and sunset times.

Detailed description

in .pdf format

The project can be downloaded from here but it is a DEMO version meaning formulas are not working. Purchase the working version using Paypal.

Price: $80 + $3 billing postage.

Website creation and management (HTML, CSS programming)

Ordering or mandate process

  1. Give me a small description what will your website be about!
  2. How many subsites will you have?
  3. Will the website contain special elements? (Tables, photo albums)
  4. Have you got a plan already to work the project out? If you have a conception I need to follow, write it in your e-mail!
  5. We can consult through e-mail or rather on Facebook chat.
  6. You can either pay by bank transfer or Paypal.


  • Typing: $1,5/100 letters, characters.
  • Unique button linked to a new subsite (new html file): $6
  • Unique button linked to external website: $3
  • Text link to a new subsite: $3
  • Creating and setting up a new table: $3
  • Unique styling in CSS: $3
  • Billing postage: $3

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To begin registering a free space on the web, you need to register a FREE HOSTING server. You either need to provide me an FTP username and a password! To ensure your own safety, you need to use a password different from the password you use to access e-mail, Facebook or other sites!

The next description contains the registering process of my own FREE HOSTING service

  1. Open FreeWebHostingArea.com in your browser!
  2. Give a name under "Free subdomain hosting", that can be your own or your company name or a name representing what your company does!
  3. Select Subdomain: available names: coolpage.biz, freetzi.com, orgfree.com, ueuo.com, 6te.net (Facebook doesn't like the others.)
  4. Click on the "PROCEED" button!
  5. Provide your e-mail and make a new password. (You will need to provide the password for me too, so I recommend not using the password you use for your e-mails or Facebook! Follow the instructions written there!)
  6. Read the Service Agreement and agree! Don't forget the Captcha! Click the CREATE button!
  7. The information on the next screen is very important! Select all the text and copy it! Open the Notepad and paste it. Save this as "website.txt"!
  8. Send me the "website.txt" via e-mail or Facebook!

I make all the websites and programs using my own, legal Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Windows 10 softwares.

I have my own tax number, you have no contribution or tax payment obligations

My e-mail:


Spammers are not wanted there!

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