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PVM - Solar Collector Calculator

User manual

The PVM – Solar collector calculator is an MS Excel file sized 9 MB which calculates the solar radiation reaching an 1 m2 surface part of Earth and the annual energy production of Solar cells and collectors with certain tilting angle, orientation, efficiency, using the spherical trigonometry cosines to a certain latitude without internet connection. The file consists of 4 sheets. You can select your language by the correct number and provide the necessary data to the calculation on the "input – adatbevitel" sheet in the correct unit. Modify only the cells with yellow background! The green cells show the calculated results in the correct units.

The sheet "táblázatok-tables" analizes, illustrates and provides more detailed information about the calculated results in 3 large tables. The first table shows the sun elevation angle in the assigned date from hour to hour. The colors illustrate the light ambiances suited to the sun elevation angles.

The second table illustrates the heat radiation reaching an 1 m2 part of Earth. The last 2 columns show the 24 hours average and the daytime average (effective) radiation. The colors help you to way around the table. The grey color (Q<250 W/m2) shows the insignificant, the yellow color shows the usage heat radiation. The light yellow color (Q>800 W/m2) shows the radiation that you call "dangerous sun exposure" when the UV light is strong too!

The 3rd table shows the energy produced by the PV module or solar collector from hour to hour in Watts. In the end, you can read the daily amount of the energy produced both in MJ and kWh.

The table counts with the surface constant q=1102 W/m2 instead of the q=1361 W/m2 space solar radiation constant in order to use the atmosphere absorbed heat radiation immediately in the calculations. Do not modify the cells to prevent damage of the sheet! The sheet "ábra – diagram" summarizes these tables to the astrological remarkable days of Earth (equonixes, solstices) and shows the units of the results showed in the diagram.

'Zoomed out' images:

Important information!

  • The table can be used in 7 languages (Hungarian, English, German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese), you can set up the language on the "input – adatbevitel" worksheet.
  • Printing the tables and sizing the characters to be clearly visible on the printed paper is your task!
  • The table does not count with cloud coverage and other shadowing meteorological phenomena. You need to get these data from the local or stational meteorological service and apply a multiplier according to them as you are sizing PV cells or collectors to your house.
  • If installing PV modules or collectors needs official authorization in your country - or the country where you installing the modules or collectors - , legalization is your responsibility.
  • Implementing the PV module or collector system is your responsibility.
  • Don't modify the cells and the programmed functions and formulas! (Consider this on the "táblázatok – tables" on green cells because they are linked to the "input – adatbevitel" cells that you needed to set up already!) Modify only the cells on the "input – adatbevitel" sheet. After purchasing, I do not take responsibility the errors you caused on purpose! I strongly advice to keep a safe copy of the file before modifying anything!
  • The downloadable version is only a DEMO version which does not contain the functions, only values. This table is set up to the North Pole. By purchasing using the PayPal button, you will be redirected to the working version.
  • Target price is $80.
  • If the table works abnormaly, message me by sending an e-mail to zoltan.csengeri(at)windowslive.com! Correction of these kind of errors are free.
  • If you want to give additional functions to the table, you need to order the improved table as well.

Zoltán Csengeri

Pécel, 9th of January 2016

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